Your Travel Journey – Travel Buddy Form

by vineet pal
Travel Buddy Form

Hey, my friend! this is my travel buddy form you can fill.

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I am Vineet here, and I have a travel blog, and I started a category where I will show people the journey from other travelers.

I would like to say please fill this form so I can make a blog post about your travel journey, and don’t forget to send me some of the best pictures of your trip. Please send me pictures at [email protected].
Please visit the website where I will post your blog.

This form is a google form and i won’t save any information for marketing purpose this information will be public so people can learn from your story. Please don’t forgot to mail me your pictures and as i did some blog i know that it will take minimum 10 photo for this blog.

Thank you to fill Travel buddy form and i would love to share as soon as possible.

After all this information. I want to thanks all the travel buddies who helped me to do this interview and i am very happy to learn a bit about you guys.

I know filling travel buddy form can be pain in the mind as you have to rewind everything and write but the good part is your story will be always here.

Share your blog I would be more then happy if you share this with your friends or family. you

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