Eat, pray, and love Dubai- Guide to Visit Dubai

by Sanika Bane
Eat, pray, and love Dubai- Guide to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a city that has everything, even if a desert from all sides engulfs it. You can find activities from snowboarding to sky diving – all under the magnificent roof of Dubai. Visiting Dubai was a dream come true for Vineet as he longed to visit Dubai way before he decided to start traveling.

In our complete guide of Dubai’s glitzy glam life, we take you on tour to find out the most memorable and iconic places to visit. Along with that, Vineet has curated a handy list of tips that he followed while he was in Dubai. Let’s have a look at our destination number one.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

If you love scenic city views from a height, try to visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Everyone knows that this is not the most indie or hidden treasure in Dubai, but seeing Burj Khalifa will make you fall in love with the city even more. Vineet took a tour of the 124th floor and admired the town through the observation decks. If you plan on visiting Burj Khalifa, Vineet suggests buying a ticket for the 124th floor and not the 148th as the price difference is vast.

Even if you visit the 124th floor, you would still be on top of the world’s tallest building anyway. You will get 45 minutes to admire the city on the 148th floor. Later you can visit the 124th floor and hang out for hours. Whatever package you choose, make sure to visit this magnificent place. You can click amazing pictures for Instagram and flaunt your Dubai vacation!


Desert Safari when you visit Dubai

You must have seen Dubai’s desert on a TV screen countless times, and each time you must have wished to visit and see what a sea of sand looks like in real life. It’s crazy how many activities you can do in the desert itself. Hop on a camel and take a ride that will make you feel like you are somewhere in the Arabian Nights series.

You can try sandboarding which sounds fun provided you can balance yourself on the board, which is gliding through the sand. Vineet opted to go Dune dashing where an SUV was waiting for him to give a ride of a lifetime. He braced himself and enjoyed the ride more than he expected in the first place.

Global village Dubai

Global village Dubai

The global village is an outstanding entertainment hub with everything under one roof. When I say everything, I mean everything from every country. Various pavilions are specially built like different countries starting from India, Pakistan, The UK, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

You will find cuisines from each country with rides that will make you feel like a kid. Anyone can admire the structures, eat food, do exotic shopping and have a blast with your family at this colorful amalgamation of exotic countries and cultures. You can even eat from food chain restaurants. However, Vineet suggests staying away from them and eat dishes that you won’t be able to eat in your home country.

Dubai Mall

building escalator
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The Dubai mall is approximately the size of 50 football fields! This mall has four floors, and your legs are bound to hurt only after roaming the first floor. The mall has a wide variety and selection of restaurants like TGI Fridays and UF Changs. Apart from that, the mall houses Parisian cafes and exotic sweet that has incredible displays.

The mall has a skating rink and aquarium inside! Can you imagine the enormous size of this beast? Vineet was exhausted walking around and decided to skip one floor to save his legs from the pain. The expression ‘shop till you drop’ is exceptionally apt for Dubai mall.

Burj Al Arab when you visit Dubai

Burj Al Arab

The amazing hotel called Burj Al Arab is a sailboat-shaped magnificent hotel that one can only dream of living in. You can visit and take pictures from the outside, but only reserved guests can come and see the inside when it comes to looking at the interior. It is one of the most expensive hotels to stay at, and not every traveler can afford it, so Vineet suggests you book a reservation for an afternoon tea.

Tea reservation is the cheapest option to get an entry, and you will not be disappointed. The variety of snacks and sandwiches, along with carefully crafted delicacies, will fill your stomach and soul with sugar. There are two slots for tea in the afternoon. If you love high tea or want to enjoy eating at a high altitude and fantastic interior, consider splurging at Burj Al Arab when you visit Dubai.

Spice and gold souqs

Dubai’s spice souk smells heavenly with exotic spices towered and set on a display for travelers to gawk. The smells and colors of various spices will fill your nostrils with Middle Eastern spice magic. Do we need an introduction to the gold souq? The souq has stunning gold jewelry pieces that will make you fall in love with gold. You will not find everyday small jewelry here.

These souqs specialize in heavy significant jewelry patterns and elements. It would be best if you never miss out on this experience of walking down the souq. Do not worry if you are not buying anything. It’s worth visiting just for window shopping. If you decide on buying, make sure you look around different shops and bargain at these gold stores. If you pay by card, extra charges will levy so take a look at that before purchasing.

Coffee museum

If you are a coffee enthusiast, then the coffee museum will be your shrine. This coffee museum cum café has many things you can admire. You can wander and look at a 300-year-old coffee pot or learn about coffee roasting during their coffee demonstrations.

The entry is free. Vineet is sure that you won’t leave this museum before drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee and taking few packs of beans as a souvenir so you can enjoy the taste of Dubai even after reaching home.

Food trucks

I know this is not why you are traveling to Dubai, but some food trucks sell bomb food. To wash off the glam sparkling Dubai, food trucks can be a fantastic palette cleanser. Who doesn’t love street food! Plus, your wallet will be happy to save a bit as Dubai can be an expensive city for traveling.

Vineet recommends you take a nice lunch or snacks from these food trucks. Stay smart where you spend; in that way, you can utilize all your resources and have a fantastic travel trip.

Honorable mentions for Visit Dubai

Lego land when you visit Dubai

photo of lego toy miniatures
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If you are a Lego fanatic, you should visit this fantastic amusement park. A perfect choice if you are traveling with your family. Kids would love this place because of the fun rides, tours, and workshops that keep happening. Cancel all your plans as it will take you a whole day to visit, look and enjoy the park.

Walk on the Dubai promenade

Hit this place at night to see some beautiful night visuals of Dubai. The lighting and glimmering city lights would make your eyes glimmer. This promenade is 12 km long and has two spots that you should visit: the Burj Khalifa, and the second is under the powerfully lit blue bridge.

Do not miss out on the fascinating world’s largest LED screen covering Burj Khalifa. Go out for some drinks at night and soak in the glamorous and rich Dubai scenic views.

Specially curated tips by Vineet if you Visit Dubai

  • If you visit Dubai during Ramadan, you should be very careful about the rules and regulations. Do not eat, smoke, or drink on the road, as it is considered a punishable offense. 
  • Pork is illegal so if you have some snacks, try to avoid bringing them on the trip and consider not asking for pork meat in the restaurants. 
  • You can only drink alcohol at bars, hotels, or restaurants. Anywhere else is an invitation for getting arrested.
  • If you are Gay and wish to travel to Dubai, Vineet suggests that you do not tell that in public or show PDA. It is illegal, and people might not be tolerant. As travelers, it is our responsibility to follow the city’s culture and rules.
  • Dubai has the lowest crime rates so that women can travel safely there. But be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. It would be best to avoid chatting with men as it may seem a flirtatious move. Be aware and use Pink Taxis, especially at night. There are women drivers in Pink Taxi cabs so you can feel safe and travel freely.
  • Avoid traveling during New Year or Dubai shopping festival. You will experience a crowd, and the hotels are incredibly costly during that time.
  • Try visiting Dubai from November to March as you will experience less heat, and it’s an ideal time to discover Dubai.
  • Dubai’s weekend starts on Friday, so they enjoy their weekend on Friday and Saturday. Everyone in the world has Monday blues, but Dubai has Sunday blues. If you want to hit the town and enjoy a night out places or wish to have a Sunday brunch, move your spots to Friday and Saturday.


nightlife in Dubai

That’s it for today’s blog, but we hope you enjoyed reading the article about visiting Dubai. Remember all the tips that Vineet has given in the article above, these tips will make your travel experience more smooth and enjoyable. Do not forget to tell us about your trip and share your precious Dubai moments with us.

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