Ultimate Guide To ROME City

by vineet pal
Ultimate Guide To ROME city

Rome City sounds so interesting whenever I heard the name or someone is talking about the place. Rome is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. While you are in Rome City, you can do so many things. The incredible architecture is everywhere in the town. The food is fantastic as Rome City is in Italy you can have nice Pizza, or you can have Icecream while walking the street. Icecreams are famous in this place.

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A few centuries back, people used to think that Rome is the center of the world. Rome City is the home of the Catholic Church. Roma City is the place where the famous Caesar born. If you are in Roma city, you will find a lot of backpackers in the city as Rome City is a popular destination for backpacking. Rome City is also in the top list for Honeymoon Destination.

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Rome travel guide

Suppose you want to wander around Rome. You don’t have to worry about transportation because Rome has a well-connected transport system. Rome is in Italy so they speak the Italian language also most of the people speak English so you can ask for help if you don’t know something and people are friendly so they will help you.

Rome building
Some Information
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro

Best Time To Visit: April to June / September-October

Rome City is the city which has so much to offer to believe me if you have to prepare otherwise you will be lost with so much information when you will travel famous places are close to each other. You need at least a week to feel the city and understand the beautiful places.

Rome building

I work on a cruise ship, so I used to go every week with a cruise tour to Rome City, and believe me check this out when cruises are coming to Rome because it will be so crowded that you will feel like you are in Mumbai.


The best part about traveling on a cruise ship is that you don’t have to worry about hotels or where to go. They plan everything for you, and you just have to sit on the bus. One tour guide will join you on this journey from a cruise ship and will explain a lot of things about the place you visit.

How to roam around Rome City

I traveled to Eternal City much time already. I will suggest you not to drive the car because you will be amazed by how many people travel to the capital of Italy.
Now you will think about Taxi, and you can take a Taxi, but I asked the price. It is expensive to travel by Taxi as well.

Colosseum Rome

Public Transport is a better option as it’s not expensive and Public Transport is connected well to the city. I will suggest you walk as much as you can because you will be amazed by how many places to see when you walk in the capital and the largest city in Italy. When we were traveling to roam with a cruise ship, we also used to walk around the whole day, the only time we used to take the bus to travel back to the Ship.

how to travel to Rome

Best Time To Visit Rome City: April to June / September-October

The Italian capital is one of the busiest city in the world. You can travel to roam at any time of the year. April to June or September and October is the best time to visit the town, but it will be jam-packed this time of the year.

If you are planning to visit this time, I will suggest you book a Hotel or Hostel before you are booking your flights. Summertime will be sweltering and believe me when an Indian guy is saying it’s HOT !!! I was also in the town in the summer.

If you are in Rome for sure, you will visit Vatican City, and you will be in line for 1 or 2 hours minimum, and the summertime is not a good time. Please bring your water bottle with you as I paid 2 Euros for one small bottle.

capital of Italy Rome

Safty in Rome City

Rome City is not a place you have to worry about your safety, but pickpockets are normal anywhere in the world.

African bracelet scam

If you are an infamous place, then people will come to you and will try to become your friend as this happens with me every time in Pisa and Rome.

The bracelet scam is found all over Europe and is particularly common in Rome. It’s a peculiar but annoying racket that combines some friendly chat, a cheap African bracelet, and a guilt trip into paying money for it.

The bracelet scam is most common in Rome. These guys approach you with some friendly chat and will give you a cheap African bracelet. In return, they want a small amount of money from you.

How to Avoid the Scam

This Scam works totally on friendly human chat with minimal talk.

  • Hey man, how are you?
  • Cool smile! My friend.
  • Where are you from, my friend?
  • Hello! from Africa, my friend. You are my friend from which country?

Just Ignore this scammer as I do after my first encounter, and I paid 2 Euro and learned my lesson in the process.

It’s easy to say that Ignore them, but it is tough to ignore them.

Staying in Rome City

You will find every type of hotel and hostel in Rome. You can find a hostel or hotel in the city, but I will suggest you search a bit outside as you can save money and use it for roaming around in Rome.
Some Good Hostel in the town

When you are Hungry in Rome

restaurant in Rome city

While walking a lot in Rome, anyone can feel hungry. The place is full of restaurants, but most of the restaurants charge over price in the main areas. I will suggest you eat in the not so famous area. If you are hungry and don’t want to walk far from the places where you are roaming then just look around you will find Pizza Slices all over the places they call it “Pizza al taglio.”

Pizza al taglio

Pizza al taglio is an attractive option to eat fast and walk again. Ice creams are famous as well, especially near the famous fountain area. You will see everyone wearing Icecream all over the town.

What is Must bring things with you.

Sightseeing Rome City

Sightseeing Rome city

I can write a lot of place names in this blog, but I will just tell you when you will visit Rome you will be lost in the city. Every corner of the town has History and so many old churches, Roman ruins and ancient, beautiful buildings all around roam. Here are my top picks from the city


Colosseum Rome city

This place is the most famous place around the world. Most of the people know this place and this place is in the bucket list of millions of people around the world. The Colosseum is the most significant engineering work and inspiring architecture. You can fit 60000 – 80000 people easily inside and can watch gladiators on the move.


You have to pay to enter Colosseum, Full price 16 euro, valid for 24 hours for Colosseum, Foro, and Palatine. It is possible to visit the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum first (by changing the voucher at the Roman Forum) or after the visit to the Colosseum.
The line can be long and look for some people who also sell tickets on the way as a guide. They approached me while I was wandering about the place. You can again book the tickets online, and then you don’t have to worry about queues.

Ticket Price

There are two types of Tickets:
Regular Ticket: € 16.00 the validity is 24 hours
Afternoon Ticket: € 9.50 and the validity from 2.00 pm until the closing of the Colosseum.
Reduced access: European Union Citizen pays € 2.00 between 18 and 25 years of age (completed, upon presentation of identity document)
free: Under 18 years old can go free of charge.

Book Your Tickets Here



The Pantheon is a beautiful place and very crowded all time of the day, and you can lose your group very quickly here, so be with the group if you are in a travel group. There are long lines to go inside the place.

You are not allowed to use flash in your camera inside, be aware of this.
The building from all sides surrounds this place. You will also find people with cosplay, and you can pay some money to have a picture with them. I will suggest you ask how much they charge before you have the picture with them.

Pantheon in Rome city

Roman Forum And The Palatine Hill

Roman Forum And The Palatine Hill

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is such a beautiful site full of information and knowledge about the past. You can stay the whole day in The Palatine Hill and wonder about the Roman Era.
Roman Forum And The Palatine Hill is the most ancient part of the city. Palatine Hill is a sizeable open-air museum.

Roman Forum And The Palatine Hill

Fontana Di Trevi

Fontana Di Trevi

Fontana Di Trevi is also a very famous site in Rome City. Very crowded, for sure! People throw coins in the fountain, and kids eat ice-creams in the side sometimes joined by adults too.

Fontana Di Trevi

If you are here, you have to eat Ice-Cream. This place looks so beautiful and because of the crowded area, be aware of pickpockets.

I saw a lot of police officers always walking around.
The Trevi Fountain is the most famous in the world. A perfect example of Italian architecture.

Fontana Di Trevi

Vatican City

Vatican City

Vatican City State or you can call Città del Vaticano, is most famous for all the places in Rome. I am sorry I mean not in Rome as this is the country itself inside Rome.

Line in Vatican City

It’s crazy to see that Vatican City the holy place and most famous Church in the world, with a population of 842 people with a Vatican city passport and Home for the Pope.

Vatican City

Vatican Museums

You will be surprised to see the long queue in this place. I waited for 2 hours to enter this beautiful place. You can buy 12 postcards as I also did from local people selling around the queue. (If you are in the line, you can’t miss them for sure.)

Vatican City

I was lost inside, as well. So many groups are going with the tour guide that it is effortless to lose your group. I don’t know much about this religion.

I didn’t understand how much this place means to a lot of my friends, and I feel a bit happy that I visited the site. The painting the art inside is so beautiful I was amazed. This place is full of magical artistic treasures.

Vatican City

This place is known for the secret room also, and History is also a fascinating and world-famous museum for sure. I saw over the internet that you could pay around 4500$ to go inside some secret room as well.

Vatican City

So go outside, enjoy Rome City enjoy History!!!
Don’t forget to click for some fantastic photos. Use the 360 camera to click incredible images.

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