the Caribbean Islands | How to take Travel Photos

by vineet pal
the Caribbean Islands | How to take Travel Photos

The Caribbean Islands are the most beautiful in the world. Are you planning to visit the Caribbean Islands? Are you wondering what you can shoot when you are in the Caribbean Islands? Here is my travel photo guide for you if you are planning to visit a beautiful place for your perfect holiday.
I have been to numerous places in the Caribbean islands with a cruise liner. As a photographer, I do know it’s hard sometimes to capture the sweetness of the sites, so don’t worry, I’m here to cover you.

Equipment is not important to make great pictures. It’s the Photographer.


Explore the town you are visiting.

The Caribbean Islands are a dream vacation for a lot of people. You can’t shoot beautiful photographs until you explore your own. No one can help anyone to tell what setting in what place. I will suggest you do not know the same as other Instagram people doing. Do something different so people will come to your Instagram to see the sweetness.

telephone beach in the Caribbean Islands

Telephone beach Antigua the Caribbean islands

Shoot As much as you can

When I first visited South America, I was amazed by its beauty and wanted to capture as much as I can. The best thing about DSLR cameras is that you do not have to stress about foul shots. You’ll delete the bad photos once you check on Laptop. Shoot the maximum amount as possible because it helps a lot to sort the simplest out of it.
South America is a big area with a lot of beautiful islands.
From famous Costa Rica to Cartegena to Panama, you’ve got numerous beautiful places to go. So go and shoot the places, the people, the environment.

panama the caribbean islands

Beach Shooting in the Caribbean Islands

Oh, my God !!! Every beach is so beautiful, and therefore the water is like I never saw before, I enjoyed a lot. You can do beach shooting if you are with someone. It’s the best memory you can have from the Caribbean Islands. You can go to the rooftop pool to shoot some lovely portraits or travel portraits (Google about rooftop pools).

beach in barbados

Ask locals before you’re taking photographs.

I saw that folks are walking around this place with a camera and telephoto lens and what they do? They shoot pictures of locals without permission. People have no idea that some random people just photographed them, I am really against it. Once I saw some people were doing the same in Cartegena.
I approached them and told them it’snot polite to shoot someone without permission. These people said to me that locals would not allow clicking the pictures, so they are just shooting from far away. I then told these people to come with me. They were a bit scared.
I walk to this local girl. They were shooting pictures. I asked her with a smile if they can photograph a portrait of her. The girl smiled and said, yes.

colorful cartagena

Yes sir! It’s not hard to ask with a smile even if they say no, then leave and invite others. We have millions of others to ask. Who knows, you will learn more about that place. Please do not be a tourist to be a traveler.
If someone is wearing the local dress to show the local culture to us, then please pay them if you want to photograph them but please be aware of the tourist trap and ask them how much before you shoot. I saw local people in a lot of places in the Caribbean Islands. Local people stay in areas with the local dress so people can take a photo of them in exchange for some money. Please say thank you after you click an image maybe you will make someone smile after a hard day of work.

coconut water in panama

The background is as vital as the foreground.

Many people always just shoot without thinking, and when they go home, they see that background is not as good as they believe or someone is in the frame. If you think about the environment while shoot, you can ignore so many things, your picture quality will be changed a lot by the time you keep doing it.

parrots in cartagena

Please Support Locals of the Caribbean Islands

Talking with local people, even I don’t understand the language of them, is the best I did in all my travels. I remember a lot of people because I approach them. I don’t photograph each and everyone I met on my journey, but it’s nice to meet new people always.

barbados 360 photo

If you are roaming around local places, just buy something locally. Please don’t always go to Subway or Mcdonald’s for food try local restaurants. Like in Cartegena I had one of the best Mangos on the street or Pizza in the town was fantastic. In Panama, it was sweltering, so I had nice coconut water and then Hot Dog. My very first Hot Dog of life I had in Panama City from the street. It was awesome. I understand if you don’t feel safe with local food, but you can support by at least a picture with them or buying coconut water.
Please always bring cash with you. Don’t just think that Bank cards will work. It will not be going to work and still get a water bottle with you. I paid 2$-3$ per water bottle in the same tourist places.

british virgin islands 360 photo

If you want to click pictures like this, please visit my blog about 360 photos.


SAFETY FIRST: I been to so many places in the Caribbean Islands. A lot of areas are not that safe, so please always search for the places that you can avoid. Safety has to be a topmost priority for anyone. I can’t tell you about it because it will depend on which site you are going to. Every area has its own thing you should worry about, but if you don’t do anything stupid or don’t go to the sites where locals say you so avoid. Please listen to locals as they know the place better than anyone. So stay safe and keep shooting. :)

Saint Martin airplane mode

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