Puerto Morelos Unique Place to Be

by vineet pal
Puerto Morelos Unique Place to Be

Puerto Morelos ocean view using its appeal and vibe makes it an ideal holiday destination. Puerto Morelos is genuinely exceptional. Well, let me explain.

Puerto Morelos can maintain its small-town style because there aren’t any resorts or large resorts in town. In contrast, one thing that has really transformed Playa del Carmen through the years is that the inclusion of enormous hotels and hotels along its beaches. So far, Puerto has avoided that, which will be pretty sweet! There are a small number of resorts in town, and they’re small–possibly 30 to 40 rooms top.

Puerto Morelos Unique Place to Be
Photo by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty on Pexels.com

Some large comprehensive resorts are located nearby (approximately two or three Kilometers away from the city ). However, just a few guests choose to venture out the hotel’s walls for an evening or two. It’s almost like the all-inclusive does not even exist as far as the impact on the town goes. That cuts out a massive percentage of those loud, Spring Break-style events around the beach. You’ll find only local bands and small casual concerts at the beach clubs just like you’d expect at a quaint little coastal city.


Puerto Morelos Unique Place to Be
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

The beautiful seaside section of town (where most lodging is) has an island feel only 4 blocks wide. About 15 blocks in length, together with dozens of restaurants sprinkled throughout. (Found 2 KM east of the street ).

The Mangrove or swampy region that separates the two elements of town IS vital to the ecosystem and health of the reef. It’s home to many protected species of wildlife (including the American Crocodile). As you drive in from the highway, you will notice a few signs letting you know that you might encounter crocodiles, even though it’s hard to find them nearly most of the time and everyone ignores the signals.

Anybody who happens into this fabulous little Caribbean city quickly falls in love! The city is growing, but in ways that enhance it instead of cause it to lose its charm and appeal.

Puerto Morelos shopping

ACCESS AND LOCATION That’s something Puerto has in spades!

Suggestion: Be mindful, petty theft will still exist because it does almost anywhere. In this era, you aren’t going to leave your valuables unattended with no fear of them getting snatched, therefore use the exact same common-sense principle. Do not be naive.

The local townsfolk are extremely friendly and trying to help wherever they could.


Puerto Morelos Unique Place to Be
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

This isn’t the case with Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos at nighttime another notable thing that this produces is very calm and tranquil water inside the world. So the water off the shore is protected by the reef and is obviously relatively calm, perfect for wading out with your drink in hand and cooling.

It’s also notable for families, especially those with young children, since you won’t have fears of these moving into the water. The shore that runs the entire length of town is excellent; really wide and spacious.

Puerto Morelos is a unique, lovely place to visit and expertise. And in many ways, it could nevertheless be the Mayan Riviera’s best-kept secret!


Puerto Morelos at night

The majority of the Yucatan is entirely secure since the Mexican government tries very hard to protect the tourism industry, bringing millions of dollars to the country. Puerto Morelos is no exception. It is very safe. You will feel comfortable walking its streets any time of night or day.

Without question, you will find stunningly scenic parts of Mexico. Further south down the shore is Tulum (roughly a 2-hour drive from the airport) and Mahahual (roughly a 4-hour drive from the airport). These are magnificent destinations, but they’re a bit of a trek and somewhat of space away from any conveniences you might need to extend your stay.

Puerto Morelos is totally different! It is a little city with a pleasant, laid-back texture. With that said, there has to be a disclaimer announcement: If you’re a”Party Person” or are looking for a party place, Puerto Morelos IS NOT the place for you. That doesn’t mean it is dull, though.

It surprisingly has a great deal of action and plenty to do. Suppose you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of town life or merely escape from your own ideas and anxieties. In that case, Puerto Morelos is entirely perfect for you!


Puerto Morelos a big city. Only a few million people are residing on the beachfront region of town, and about ten million or so about the Colonia side. Most of us recognize that crime develops as the city grows.
The small yet beautiful city of Puerto Morelos is really divided into two separate town places.
It is possible to watch the white water as the sea waves split apart and fall over the coral reef, creating superb sights and seems to enjoy from your lounge chair.

aerial photo of sea
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

If you have been to Mexico before, and especially the Mayan Riviera, you’re most likely to remain in a large resort or maybe somewhere in Cancun, a city of over a million or even Playa del Carmen, that will be hot on the heels of Cancun to attract thousands of tourists. You can obviously visit and remain in the region, but that is without question where nearly all travelers gravitate.

Then there’s”La Colonia” (the area ), which sits on the west side of Federal Highway 307 that runs north and south along the shore of the Yucatan Peninsula. This side of the city hosts the local fare and many local stores to truly get a sense of Mexico.

Equipment you can carry

Beautiful small town Puerto Morelos have so much to offer. You can carry some nice equipment for your journey which can make this trip more valuable for sure.

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Natural Harbor

Puerto Morelos shore views The Mangrove is shielded and passionately defended in Puerto Morelos. Contrary to other areas of the Yucatan (like Cancun and Playa del Carmen), the destruction of the Mangrove and advancement on it is prohibited. This is the reason the city has retained its small size and laidback, exhausted fashion.
As long as the Mangrove remains protected, the ocean side of Puerto Morelos will stay the same size. A secondary benefit of this remarkable natural harbor is those who have seasickness fears but love to snorkel. It’s only a 2-minute boat ride in tranquil water to enjoy world-class snorkeling.

This is a very distinctive infrastructure. The cities are separated by 2 Km of secure Mangrove (more about that later in this article). Even though it’s somewhat spread out, you’re still able to quickly catch a taxi or bus, ride a bicycle or walk back and forth between the two areas of town. In case you’ve got a rental vehicle, it’s even simpler to make the brief trip if you so want.

Another very unique factor that makes the groovy little town of Puerto is that the barrier reef runs along its shores, and the Mangrove separates the sea from town by the Colonia. Staying in Puerto way, you get the benefits and the conveniences that Cancun and Playa offer, but not one of the audiences and unnecessary noise. Puerto Morelos shopping

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