Unforgettable Marseille- a travel guide for curious travelers

by Sanika Bane
Unforgettable Marseille- a travel guide for curious travelers

Marseille is the oldest city of France that reeks of great architecture, beaches, Mediterranean cuisine. When Vineet saw Marseille’s opportunity, he packed his bags in a jiffy to experience this fantastic city that looks like a movie set. Below are a few of the places you should visit first.

Statue of Milon de Crotone

This beautiful statue is in a piazza of the city. The structure looks magnificent against the backdrop of the big fountain. This place is always hustling and bustling; you will find several restaurants with open sittings enjoying the view of this city square.

Notre-Dame de la Garde

Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille

This beautiful church is the most popular tourist destination in the whole city of Marseille. Vineet suggests that you try to visit this place in the early hours to avoid tourists’ rush.

This church is an exemplary example of Neo-Byzantine architecture. This church stands tall in the highest part of Marseille city. Once you reach up, you get to see a 360֯ view of the whole city. The stunning scenery from such a high top makes you admire the city even more.

Vieux Port

This port, also known as the old harbor, is a place you should never miss. Travelers come here to click pictures and indulge in some seafood. Have you seen a large white Ferris wheel all over social media?

Well, that Giant Ferris wheel is here, standing and looking over Marseille. Vieux port comes in the old city and is very close to other destinations and monuments, so make sure you visit Vieux Port and carry on with your journey.

La Panier

This exotic little town translates to – the basket, and it truly is a little basket of artistic alleyways and monuments. This place is a quaint tiny spot situated on a hill in Marseille. La Panier will give you real cultural and aesthetic vibes. Vineet couldn’t stop himself from clicking pictures of every little street art and vibrant wall paintings.

The cobblestone pathways on some of the roads transcend you back in time. Do visit La Panier if your camera roll needs beautiful pictures. Don’t forget to smile and strut a few poses on the backdrop of these beautiful walls.


MUCEM, short for the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, is one of the best art museums you can visit in Marseille. There are always different exhibitions taking place, but Vineet missed the opportunity to attend any show. Still, the architecture and ambiance are worth visiting even if there is no exhibition.

There are many museums in this city, and they charge a nominal fee for entry. If you schedule well, you can visit these museums on days where you won’t need to pay the fees. There are even some free museums that you can see.

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Eat Bouillabaisse

This particular dish comes from Marseille’s land, so trying this dish is a no-brainer. Bouillabaisse is a traditional fish stew that has fresh-caught fish in it. The casserole has a delectable flavor which not everyone loves. It is safe to say that bouillabaisse is an acquired taste. This dish can be expensive and heavy on your stomach so consider trying it just once but do try. Have a company to enjoy this hearty dish even more.

Getting around in Marseille

You can travel in a private car or cab, but Marseille’s busy streets will make it hard for you to travel and enjoy the place and there is no point in using a car to visit La Panier as you have to enjoy the city by walking. You can travel by bus; it is a feasible option that even Vineet considered. You have different options for City Pass; you can buy a 72, 48, or 24-hour pass. Travelers can use this pass for a lot of things. It gets you covered for public transport, entry to museums, guided tour of the monuments, and a boat trip. Some selected boutiques and stores have discounted rates for City Card users.

What can I buy as a perfect souvenir from here?

Soap! The world-famous Savon de Marseille is readily available here, and you can get as many as you wish to. This soap is popular because of its pureness and natural ingredients. The beautiful soaps in different colors will you happy that you’ll end up buying lots of soap for your whole family as a souvenir.

When can I go to Marseille?

Weather is the beauty of Marseille. The weather is always sunny 365 days of the year. You will get to see clear blue sky and crisp warm daylight throughout the year. Winter is very mild, and you can enjoy sitting and sipping a nice drink on a terrace. You can pack your bags and go during spring and autumn as that is an ideal time to visit this very sunshine-filled city.

Few little things to keep in mind while you travel

You can say, “Oui, s’ilvous plait,” to your waiter if you want to top up your wine or breadbasket.

It would be best if you carry your passport with you at all times. The police can ask to see and having one with you always makes things easy.

It would help if you left tips in restaurants and cafes. A 5 to 10% tip of the bill is considered alright. Some cafes already add service fees so you can avoid paying them. If you see the print saying “service companies,” you do not need to pay the extra tip.

It would be best to travel to La Canebièrestreet as it is a great tourist information center. Vineet recommends that you start the tour from here. The tourist information center offers maps of the city for free to decide where your next stop is. You will get to know upcoming cultural event’s schedules that you shouldn’t miss. You can book a city tour here too, whatever is the case visit this tourist information center to get a good idea about this magnificent city.

That’s it for today’s blog on exploring Marseille. Let Vineet know what was you’re your favorite part and which destination is on your wish list. Keep traveling and exploring!

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