Lisa Büchel My Travel Expert Friend From Germany

by vineet pal

Lisa Büchel is my friend from Germany, and she is fernwehexperte, or if you say in English, she is Travel Expert. We worked together in AIDAperla, and this is when we got to know each other and become friends very soon. She is such a beautiful soul and happy-go-lucky person. 

lisa in aida cruises

Lisa, Tell me about your Travel Journey.

I started my journey with AIDA back in 2017. but even before I used to travel a lot with my family in friends. My highlight was being part of the second world cruise.

ocean view with german girl

Your Country?


Lisa Five Things you can suggest people do in traveling? 

  • Try the local food.
  • Talk to people.
  • Inhale and exhale consciously.
  • Get some souvenirs for your loved ones.
  • Smile. 😊

Lisa in Abu Dhabi

Lisa, could you live in another country for the rest of your life?

yes! for sure!

Describe the most interesting person you met on one of your travels.

Only one??? not possible! I always meet so many interesting people, and I still stay in close contact with some of them. I’m always happy to hear stories from their home country about their culture and traditions. But yes… I have one or two people in my mind 😉

funny portrait

What was your best trip Lisa?

Besides AIDA, I loved Greece a lot. But since AIDA, I got so much more opportunities. Back in 2019, I was in Iceland and Greenland. I saw the icebergs and whales and enjoyed a cold 10 euro beer in Reykjavik. But also chile and Tahiti was good to me.

What was your worst trip Lisa?

I feel that even the worst trips have something good at the end. Something you can learn from. I hated the rough sea when we went back from Greenland to Germany. I hated the thunderstorms and turbulences when I flew to turkey. And I hate to say goodbye at the end of a contract.

FIJI handband

Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling Lisa?

Well… I cannot really recommend taxi drives in Hurghada and Cartagena as a woman :) when you see all the military checking up on you with their guns. Oh, and one time I missed my connections flight but still… nothing I couldn’t handle.

Travel buddies are essential in our life. If you are a traveler, you know how much they can help you with your travel tips and suggest many new things. Here are some of my favorite travel buddies, Do not forget to follow them on social media as they are so cool.

Have you ever gotten lost while traveling? If so, let me know about it Lisa.

I’m a really organized person, so I have to answer this with a no.

Lisa Büchel in Brazil

What is the most exciting city to visit in your country?

Hamburg. it’s really international and the people are so friendly and open-minded.

What are the famous tourist destinations in your country? Which would you recommend if you could only recommend one? Why?

Please visit the small villages around the “Deutsche weinstraße.” the best time to go there and enjoy the good wine is September/October. You will for sure love it!

Lisa Büchel in field

What is the most interesting souvenir that you have ever bought on one of your holidays?

the tattoo I got from Tahiti. it’s a typical Polynesian tattoo.

Please tell us your bucket list places?

  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • cape town
  • Norway
  • Bora Bora

and for sure, a lot more.


Which country do you want to travel to? (You never been to this country before)

The next one will be Sri Lanka, I guess. For sure, something in Asia.

beautiful view in nature

What was the best food you had on your travel? Tell me the country also or if possible the restaurant name where you had it?

Oh please go to the market hall in Montevideo. There’s an open restaurant with a big fireplace in the middle where you get the best steak in South America.

How Many Countries have you been to?

I have been to 55 Countries.

If you had $100,000, where would you go on holiday? How about if you had $10,000? What about $1,000?

  • $1000: Santorini.
  • $10000: New York.
  • $100000: round trip Asia.

Lisa Büchel kissing AIDA ship

What was the best Travel Memory for you?

My first time in the USA. New York. I still imagine when I came up the subway and looked all the way up to the skyscraper. I felt nothing more than pure joy and happiness.

Lisa in New York

What do you want to suggest to us?

Travel as much as you can! Alone. With your friends. With your family. Boyfriend or girlfriend.

What was the most exciting place you have ever visited?

New York. It’s so important to me that I have a tattoo of this city.

a view in norway

Where can we find you? Social media

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