Jasmin May Cinematographer around the world

by vineet pal
Jasmin May Cinematographer around the world

Jasmin May is a Videographer in AIDA Cruises. She is travelling around the world with her cinematic vision. I met her in AIDAprima, and it was nice to meet a person like you.

I still remember when you came to my birthday in Cologne, Jasmin just came from AIDAmar that time and the next day she was celebrating my birthday with more AIDA Friends. I hope we can travel together soon.

jasmin at ocean

Tell me about your Travel Journey.

When I was young, my family and I were always in France or the Netherlands for vacation. Later then I wanted to travel more and luckily I could because I started working on a cruise ship two years ago.There I had the chance to visit a lot of different countries, from the United Arab Emirates up to Norway. From there on I’m trying to see as many countries as possible.

Your Country?

I’m from Germany

Jasmin Five Things you can suggest people do in travelling? 

  1. Be open-minded.
  2. See as much as you can, but take your time!
  3. Be spontaneous.
  4. Try different food.
  5. Sometimes it’s better to walk, to get to know the city.

Jasmin May

Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?

Yes, definitely! It’s a dream of mine to live somewhere else then Germany.

Jasmin, What was your best trip? 

South Africa! You have everything you need there—beautiful Animals, the Ocean, the Desert, the Forest, a colourful City and amiable people. I have been one week in Cape Town and one in Malelane next to the Kruger National Park, and it was just an incredibly fantastic trip, which I can only recommend. There are also free penguins living at the beach, could a place get any better?

What is the most exciting city to visit in your country?

I think about two exciting cities by this question. The first is Luxor in Egypt, and the other one is Petra in Jordan. These two cities fascinate me for the same reason, its about the Buildings (obviously). How B built such a long time ago, and they are still fantastic.

Hieroglyphs, they made into the stone, and you still can read them and see different colours they used thousands of years ago. Also, the size is just stunning, with the thoughts of how they built at that time.


What are the famous tourist destinations in your country? Which would you recommend if you could only recommend one? Why?

I would say the most famous tourist place is the capital city of Germany, Berlin. It’s pretty nice there and also has a lot of history to tell.

Jasmin Please tell us your bucket list places? 

My bucket list place is Jamaica. I grew up with reggae music, and I just want to see where its officially born.

Jasmin in Petra

Which country do you want to travel? (You never been to this country before)

My next destination will be in Greece. I was there one time when I was a child, so I don’t remember that much. And my goal is to see every country in the world someday.

What was the best food you had on your travel?

I like to try food from markets in the cities, some new stuff what is typical for the country.

jasmin in athens

Jasmin How Many Countries have you been?

28 and counting. 

If you had $100,000, where would you go on holiday? How about if you had $10,000? What about $1,000? 

I have no idea.

Jasmin, What was the best Travel Memory for you? 

There are a lot of good memories, its so hard to choose one. Sometimes it’s just right to sit somewhere and watch a sunset or when you see a dolphin in the ocean. But if I have to choose one I would say the first time we went to the Kruger National Park with our car.The first time when elephants where crossing our way. We were a little bit scared but also so impressed by the beauty of these animals. jasmin may with elephant

What was the most exciting place you have ever visited?

The Kruger National Park was so exciting. Everywhere you look, you see another animal. Elephants, Impalas, Giraffes, Zebras, Lions and Rhinos or if you have luck you can see Africans Big 5 in only one day. 

Jasmin, what do you want to suggest to us?

Travel as much as you can and get out of your comfort zone! Sometimes pretty places are closer then you think.

jasmin with penguin

 Where can we find you, Jasmin?

Jasmin May on Instagram Have a look at more story from other Travellers !!!


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