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Hendrik Larios and I were photographers on the cruise ship together, and we had quite a fun time as colleagues. I met Hendrik in AIDAbella in 2016. Since then we have worked 3 times together. He is from the Philippines and a good photographer. Let’s see what he is saying to you guys. 

Hendrik hiking

Tell me about your Travel Journey, Hendrik.

Hey yáll, My name is Hendrik. I’m a cruise ship Photographer, Marooned on my Island since the Pandemic hit. Before my Employment as a Photographer on board, I was active in the outdoors, being Mountaineering, Long Runs, Longer Bike Rides, even tried my hand at kayaking. However, it’s not my favorite, and I ended up working on a ship, anyway. Traveling on a budget in a time-efficient way is a good way to go. Ecotourism is an excellent alternative to reduce your environmental Impact, Individually. Go green! I like to Travel Cheap. It’s what got me into the whole Cruise Ship Photographer deal. Coming from a third-world country, with a lot of Countries requiring a visa for my entry, Getting around while working is the best option to experience the World, one Contract at a time.:)

Hendrik in Dubai

What languages can you speak, Hendrik?

Filipino, English, a bit of German, and some abusing words in Hindi!

Your Country?


Five Things you can suggest people do in traveling? 

  1. Backpacker Hotels are good. A tent is even better. as long as the place is secure, has a toilet and a shower. a room is only a place to leave the bulk of your things as you run around, discovering one place. you’ll be tired enough at night time to complain about a small room.
  2. Renting motorcycles are a quick, cheap way to cover a lot of ground.
  3. Hitchhiking is a gamble. do it, anyway.
  4. Inform yourself with the Local Customs, the do’s and don’t’s. there’s nothing worse than an obnoxious tourist.
  5. Be friendly to the Locals, no matter where you are, remember, you’re just passing through.

Hendrik with aida ship

Hendrik, Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?

It depends on which country, but probably, yes.

Hendrik, Describe the most interesting person you met on one of your travels.

The Good, Crazy ones! Most foreigners with different cultural backgrounds always make for a good conversation over a beer.

hendrik with nature

What was your best trip?

The Last Five years, onboard.

Locally, torn between Coron, Palawan, or The Cordillera Administrative Region

What was your worst trip, Hendrik?

Also, the last five years, Onboard. :)) Locally, that hike where I got a shotgun pointed to my face. One bandit had the bright idea to stick up a camp of broke-ass students. he got away with just a couple of Hundred Pesos ($4.00)

Hendrik with his friends

Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling?

Besides the one that I mentioned above? Yeah! We once got lost hiking. After a super-typhoon, the trail is not so established (only two groups pass by it in a span of a year), and a lot of it disappeared under fallen trees and Landslides.

a hike that usually takes 7 hours to reach the camp took us 16. Then there’s the next day, where we had to descend, and the water rationing was vexed to the maximum.

Have you ever gotten lost while traveling? If so, let me know about it.

 Yeah! We once got lost hiking. It was after a super-typhoon, the trail is not so established (only two groups pass by it in a span of a year), and a lot of it disappeared under fallen trees and Landslides. a hike that usually takes 7 hours to reach the camp, took us 16 hours and then there’s the next day, where we had to descend.

Another time, we got re-Routed on another Trail, on the far side of the Original Trail, due to unfriendly Locals. We ended up getting a guide… which got lost, too. We were following a wildlife trail. It took half the night, but we eventually got connected to the main trail before midnight. I’d still pick it over getting lost in a cave.

Hendrik on excursion

What is the most exciting city to visit in your country?

The Small, Coastal Island towns are the Best. The Town of General Luna In Siargao Island is a great mix of Rural yet bustling town Charm. It’s a good Surfing spot, and you can get around the whole Island in a day on a Motorcycle if you are done surfing.

The nightlife is not bad, too. If you’re coming from the City, Avoid manila. Traffic jams here are like short jail sentences.

What are the famous tourist destinations in your country? Which would you recommend if you could only recommend one? Why?

The Cordillera Region for Peace, Quiet and Culture. Particularly the Town of Sagada in Mountain Province. small town, big History, and Culture.

The Town Of Buscalan, in Kalinga Province where you can get a traditional tattoo from the last of a long line of Tattoo Artist who learned it, the Traditional way, and I mean, traditional. (Sticks, Thorns, and Soot.)

Hendrik in mountains

What is the most interesting souvenir that you have ever bought on one of your holidays?

A working, miniature Catapult from Valletta’s Military Museum. I Launches Projectiles like the real thing… to my Co-Workers Dismay. They were good targets.

Hendrik, Please tell us your bucket list places?

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg, The Countries on the old Silk Road.
  • Ireland, to try their Booze,
  • Scotland (one of the sexiest accents I’ve ever heard was from there.) 😊
  • Germany to Drive all over the Country on a Cruiser bike with no speed limits on the Autobahn.

Beach life

Which country do you want to travel to? (You never been to this country before)



What was the best food you had on your travel? Tell me the country also or if possible the restaurant name where you had it?

A Russian Soljanka, with a good helping of sour cream.

Hendrik, How Many Countries have you been to?

I have been to 32 Countries.

If you had $100,000, where would you go on holiday? How about if you had $10,000? What about $1,000?

  • ($100,000,) Invest it in my business, grow that money double, triple, then go to Bavaria to try out the best beers the region has to offer. Then to the U.K. for the best Stout. Then to Russia for the Best Vodka.
  • ($10,000) Invest half of it on my business, then half to go around my Country
  • ($1,000) Invest it in my business, get $1.00 to go around the corner to buy beer. 😜


Hendrik, What was the best Travel Memory for you?

The ones where we Backpack on a budget. 😊


Hendrik, what do you want to suggest to us?

As Cheesy as it is:

1. Take Nothing, but Pictures

2. Leave nothing but Footprints

3. Kill Nothing but Time is a golden rule on the Outdoors, along with “Leave no Trace” and also a good bracket, anywhere you go.

Be Friendly with the Locals, Always. Smile, Greet them “Good Morning” or whatever the time of the day it is. It costs you nothing. It will save you a lot of trouble. You might even win a friend in the process.

While you’re somewhere far away, Take Pictures, Drink the Drink, Eat the food, talk to the girl, get acquainted with the locals, and your fellow travelers, too, Immerse yourself, and don’t take yourself too seriously. You might miss some fun bits.

You might never be there again in this lifetime.

What was the most exciting place you have ever visited?

  • Amsterdam
  • Hamburg

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