Gardens by the Bay- Best place to visit in Singapore

by vineet pal
Gardens by the Bay- Best place to visit in Singapore


If you are looking for the next places to visit in Singapore for your next tour, you called the right place as I have traveled every nook and corner of the country and would recommend it to other travelers for many apparent reasons. 



One of my top picks for Place to visit in Singapore is to explore the famous Gardens by the Bay Park. It is a must place to visit in Singapore. You must hear of this fantastic natural park as it is the top traveling destination for tourists in Singapore.

The park is expanded over 250 acres of land and is the home to the world’s largest glass greenhouse, known by the name – The Flower Dome. The park has three waterfront gardens: 


  • Bay South Garden
  • Bay Central Garden 
  • Bay East Garden 

garden by the bay - place to visit in Singapore

I personally loved the Bay South Garden a bit more, but the entire natural park is jaw-droppingly stunning. 


Here are some of the fantastic place to explore at Gardens by the Bay that will amplify your traveling experience: 


Flower Dome

The Flower Dome, is the world’s largest greenhouse expanding over 3-acres. The vibrant color of the flower field is stunning. There are further eight gardens inside the Flower Dome which serve as home to many exotic fauna Mediterranean species. Don’t forget to capture Instagrammable photos with the perfect floral backdrop!

flower dome Singapore


You can go inside the Garden by the Bay to watch a light show, and it’s free of cost. However, for Cloud Forest and Flower Dome and OCBC Skyway, you have to purchase the tickets. Gardens by the Bay will cost you SGD 28 per person for Adult and SGD 15 for a child.


1. Cloud Forest


The Cloud Forest makes this natural park one of the most exceptional and best places to visit in Singapore. Enter into a realm of mist and lush green vegetation with a scenic view of the mountain waterfall. The indoor temperature ranges from 23°C to 25°C. You can explore several fauna species from all around the continents here. 

cloud forest in garden by the bay


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2. The Art Sculptures


Gardens by the Bay have more than 40 art sculptures positioned at different parks. These artifacts increase the beauty of the natural park. 

The Art Sculptures in Garden by the bay


3. Supertree Grove 


Supertree Grove is a vertical garden with a height ranging from 25m to 50m. The Supertrees are the highlight of the Garden and offers a mesmerizing view at nighttime

dragon sculpture - place to visit in Singapore


4. OCBC Skyway – Place to visit in Singapore


OCBC Skyway allows you to enjoy a closer aerial view of the Supertree Grove. It is a 128m walk away, and you can enjoy a Garden Rhapsody show from here. 

photographer in singapore


Travel Tips for Singapore


As travel restrictions uplift the post-COVID-19, the Gardens by the Bay opened again for travelers. Here are some of the travel tips and safety measure you should follow in the park:


  • Social distancing must maintain throughout the visit
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask for entry
  • There are hand sanitization stations installed to make sure that you keep your hands clean
  • Temperature check is also mandatory
  • Carry gloves and alcohol wipes 
  • Avoid touching surfaces and unnecessary items
  • Keep water bottles with yourself
  • Choose contactless payment options. 

Singapore has further strengthened our defenses against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019). For more information, click here. The Singapore Tourism Board is stepping up on precautionary measures for your safety and well-being. We encourage you to use our e-services to minimize your time spent in public places.

 Singapore is opening borders gradually and allowing safe travel in limited numbers. Take all the safety measures necessary to ensure public health.  Singapore is not allowing short term visits to the country, except those coming with Green/Fast Lane arrangements, if you have Air Travel Pass Or some special permission. Singapore has also closed the ports for cruise vessels.

outside of Garden by the bay SIngapure


Here are some of the safety measures to observe while you visit the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. 

sculpture in garden by the bay - place to visit in Singapore


My visit to this fantastic natural park was nothing but incredible, and I can assuredly say this to you that it is one of the most stunning places to visit in Singapore!


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