Hong Kong- a guide to the larger than life experience

by Sanika Bane

Hong Kong doesn’t need any introduction as we are pretty familiar with this territory. It is renowned for its commercial ports and financial centers. It does come under China but has its own governing system under “one country two systems.” Traveling to Hong Kong can be a very overwhelming experience because of its high population density and number of skyscrapers. 

As this city has an extreme population, you can see the buildings are jam-packed, towering side by side to the highest level. If you like places that are bright, larger than life, Hong Kong is your best bet. Read along to find out things you can do in Hong Kong and plan your next trip accordingly.

Nyong Ping village on Lantau Island in Hong Kong:

This village is located on Lantau Island. This is an artificially designed village to showcase Chinese culture like their architecture, food, religion, etc. You might get an idea about the Chinese culture here, but for some reason, Vineet found this place to be a little commercial and “touristy.” You can enjoy so many things here despite it being so commercialized. You can visit this village by bus or by cable car ride. 

Vineet suggests taking a cable car ride as the scenes of mountains and hills are worth looking at. Book your tickets well in advance if you want to avoid standing in long queues. You can visit the Tian Tan Big Buddha that is the biggest sitting Buddha in the world. To reach there, you need to walk 268 steps that will lead you to Buddha’s statue. 

There is also an interactive experience where you can learn about the starting of Buddhism. You can even visit Tao O village that is a fishing village. Most of the houses you will see there are on stilts that might look flimsy, but they are architecturally sturdy. You will catch glimpses of dried fish on every corner. Look around for different varieties of fishes and octopuses.

people in hong kong

Disney land Hong Kong:

How can a trip to Hong Kong be successful if you don’t visit Disneyland? Vineet decided to visit this theme park but was unaware of the patience and strength he had to invest in the waiting lines. He hates standing in long queues, and we are sure everyone does. So to avoid that try visiting this park in odd months. 

I repeat, always make sure that you are not traveling to Disneyland in the Chinese new year. The place is crowded, and you will be exhausted by the long lines and rush. This magical place is divided into 6 theme lands- Main street USA, Fantasy land, Toy story land, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gluch, Adventure land, and Tomorrowland. 

Try to look for passes before you come here as food can be expensive. Take handheld fans that are cheaply available outside of Disneyland. You don’t want to get charged extra for a normal fan that’s just Disney branded. They come in handy during the day while waiting in lines. You will remember your childhood when you visit here. Do visit if you want to be a child for a day!

temple in hong kong

Shopping fiasco:

Suppose you love shopping (I mean, who doesn’t), Hong Kong markets will make your soul happy. Hong Kong is especially famous for its mighty street shopping experience, where you will find everything that you might need or not need under a block. Temple night street market is one such attraction where you will find clothes, accessories, designer dupes, bags, traditional dresses, figurines, the list seriously goes on. 

Vineet was pretty proud of his bargaining skills and advised you to bargain the hell out! Just see how much they reduce the price (Pro tip: Always laugh when the vendor tells you the initial price). You will find markets dedicated only to a specific item, such as the bird market, the sneaker market, the fish market, and the flower market. 

bike in hong kong

These markets only sell things that the name suggests. As a tourist, the bird and fish market is not a very good idea to travel to as you cannot buy anything since you are traveling but if you want to experience the market and see long lines of little fishes packed in air puffed plastic bags, then give these markets a try.

Big malls are seen everywhere in Hong Kong, and when I say big, they are 10 plus levels of pure shopping paradise. You will find every high fashion brand store in these malls. China is the manufacturing hub of toys and figurines, so there are dedicated shops, hell even floors just for toys and limited edition figurines. 

Vineet visited IFC mall and Harbor mall, where some locals were carrying trolley bags to shop! There was no common sitting area which was a little surprising to him. If you don’t want to spend a fortune at these malls, do consider street shopping.

beautiful door in hong kong

A Symphony of lights:

A Symphony of Lights is a light and sound show in Hong Kong every day at around 8 pm Hong Kong. This light and sound show is the world’s largest permanent show, according to Guinness World Record. There are more than 42 buildings that participate and create an environment that will render you speechless. 

Vineet is not a big fan of light shows, but his whole view on the light and sound show changed once he attended it. One really gets engulfed at the larger-than-life show of lights. This is one must thing that you should do after coming to Hong Kong.

buildings in hong kong

Ferry rides:

Take star ferries for traveling from one pier to another place or simply because you love traveling by water. There are many ferries that you can take in a day as they keep coming in batches for the whole day. Vineet suggests traveling by these ferries at night where you can feel a cool breeze along with a brightly decked lighted environment as you enjoy the symphony of lights. There are many water dining options that you can take that will merge the experience of eating traditional Chinese cuisine with a light show. The whole scene looks very lively and festive.

painting in hong kong

Food coma in Hong Kong:

Vineet requests you to try authentic Dim Sums by Tim Ho Wan within few hours of entering Hong Kong. The variety of stuffing that you can find for Dim Sums here is unlimited. One thing you will notice about Hong Kong is that this place will never keep you hungry. The streets, markets, sightseeing spots all have street food stalls that will make you hungry just by looking at those dishes. 

These street foods are cheap and downright tasty. Vineet would love to revisit Hong Kong to eat and try more food. A few of his personal favorite dishes are Egg tarts, Fishballs, Sweet and sour pork, and wantons. He has kept snake soup on his to-do list when he visits again (We’ll keep you updated if he ever tries it).

Hike Lion Rock:

If you want to explore nature with breathtaking views or want to work out after those extra Egg tarts, either way, the Lion Rock hike is the best place to go to. This place got its name from a rocky outcrop that resembles a crouching lion.

The hike can take anywhere around 3 hours depending on your fitness level, but normally it will only take you around 40 minutes to get down by taking a less scenic view. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle, towel, and cap as there are long patches where the sun really hits you. Be prepared to hike and later prepare yourself for a well-deserving calorie-filled dinner.

taxi in Hong Kong

Walk and admire the city life of central Hong Kong:

You can take a day out and simply roam the streets to look and admire all the big skyscrapers and the daily lives of people. People watching is Vineet’sfavorite thing to do, he loves to look at people and observe their lives. He feels one can get an authentic experience about their culture if one watches them closely when they are least expecting it.

So take out your shoes and start exploring the streets and you will surely find something worth capturing. Mind you the streets will be busy as everyone is always rushing to work and the streets are always packed be it day or night. If you are from New York you might get an idea about the speed and rush that Vineet is talking about.

Hollywood road in Hong Kong

Important things to keep in mind:

  • The best time to visit Hong Kong has to be between September- December, March-May. You can avoid cloudy weather and especially Typhoons too.
  • The first thing you should always do is to purchase a tourist Octopus card. Top up the card with money, and you don’t have to visit ATMs that frequently. You can use this card for traveling, eating, shopping, and at many other places. Best thing? You can return the card before leaving and collect the remaining amount that is on your

Don’t forget to whip your cameras because Hong Kong is perfect for street photography. Each photo that you will capture will have so many layers to it.

street in hong kong

We hope you enjoyed reading about Hong Kong and wish to travel there soon. In the meanwhile keep reading our blogs to see what potential places you can travel to for your next trip. We are waiting for your travel postcards!


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