Delve down Malta – a guide to this lively island

by Sanika Bane
Delve down Malta – a guide to this lively island

This beautiful place officially called the Republic of Malta is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect little island with lots of stuff happening at any given point of the day (or night). This island is a beautiful example of how history’s roots usually work. 

When Vineet decided to visit this place, he had no clue about the vast cultural significance and the sheer amount of things he could do, considering the little size of the island. It sits to the South of Sicily and just shy of Tunisia to the North. 

malta flag

The Republic of Malta is a sweet mix of 3 islands – Malta which is the main island, Gozo which is slightly smaller than Malta, and Comino which is the smallest. It is only 0.8km2! When people want to visit these islands, they first come to Malta which is extremely crowded and a very touristy place comparedto Gozo. Then they wander off and visit Gozo and Comino.

Below is a neatly curated list of places that Vineet has explored and things that he has done:

Water sports:

There are lots of water sports options that one can dip their toes in. You can go diving, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc. Choose whatever your calling is and get connected with the azure waters of Malta. 

Vineet picked the classic option of diving and it was breathtaking. Everything looks at peace underwater. There are even shipwreck sites that you can see and admire. The magnanimous ships and endless ocean are a deadly combination that can make you feel so little while you are diving.

malta city

Roam in Mdina in Malta:

First off no, it’s not pronounced as Ma-dee-na it’s Em-dee-na! Vineet pointed out my mistake earlier and now its my turn to get on my high horse and correct you (hehe). Mdina is known as a silent city and the name truly suits it especially at night as the whole city turns silent and downright scary. Authorities don’t even allow vehicles unless they have some kind of permission. 

Everyone follows the silent rule of staying silent. It’s extremely peaceful and quiet. There are many museums that you can visit but one museum that Vineet loved the most was the Palazzo Falson museum. If you are not into museums, walking and exploring is the next best thing you can do. 

The architecture and little lanes and bylanes will truly mesmerize you. Eat a slice of freshly baked cake at café Fontanella admiring the city. GOT fans can even go on a little tour and see Little finger’s brothel and the street where Jaime Lannister and Neil Stark had their iconic fight.

beautiful street of malta

Triton fountain:

This fountain is located outside the City Gate of Valletta, Malta. It is a structure that has three bronze Tritons holding a large basin as the main feature. The whole structure stands out and looks magnificent. If the authorities allowed, everyone would want to stand on top of that plate and be extra for a moment, we know it!

Triton fountain in malta

Camino Island:

This little island is famous for its Blue Lagoon. You can dive, swim or take a Sailboat to explore the crystal blue waters. It might be jam-packed with tourists so coming in off-seasons to enjoy the view can be a good idea. You can even walk and explore the Camino island and its beauty. The cliffs, creeks, and two beaches make you feel close to nature.

City view with ocean in Valletta

Go to Gozo, you bozo:

Gozo is a nice palate cleanser after the hustling and bustling streets of Malta. This is a little island that is less crowded and seems more genuine. You should take out a day to visit this place. There are many things that you can do, visiting very ornate churches should be on top of your list. Vineet did nothing but stood there for solid 20 minutes, observing and admiring the church’s décor. 

He’s never seen such dedication and interior anywhere. It’s only in Malta or on its island sisters. The ceilings are gold carved, intricate patterns are filled with artistic carvings. There is not a single inch of space, the whole interior is jam-packed. 

One should come there get mesmerized. Apart from churches, there are caves that you can explore, beaches that you could suntan on, cliffs that show breathtaking views. Don’t forget to sample the street food.

city view malta

Strait Street in Valetta:

Valetta is widely known for its churches, museums, and nightlife! Strait Street is one of the most famous street in the country. Hop out to experience the nightlife, trendy pubs, and festivals there. Valetta has earned the title of “European Capital OF Culture” because of its vibrant art and cultural significance. 

There are many art festivals that happen, for which people from all around the world gather. Experiencing these high energy festivals should be on your list of- lively things to do anywhere in the world!

stores in Malta

Gobble down the food:

The food here has a warm Mediterranean presence along with Middle Eastern and even some Spanish and European dominance. Since Malta is an island the cuisine cannot be separated from seafood. Traditional Maltese food is based on the seasons. Rabbits are widely consumed in Malta, their Rabbit stew is worth dying for. 

Vineet’s favorite dish has to be hobs biz-zejt– bread dipped in olive oil, carefully placed ripe juicy tomatoes, and filled with a mix of onion, tuna, capers, and garlic. You should never leave Malta before trying Pastizzi– a flaky pastry parcel that houses ricotta and mushy peas inside.

Cuisine of Malta 2021

Is Malta seriously that loud?

Vineet tells that the stereotype is somewhat true but the noise never bothered him. The whole experience is to enjoy their culture and not to pinpoint the culture that one might not be familiar with. People do talk loud, laugh, and even quarrel loudly but they are warm people who are very lively and usually have animated talks. 

Most travelers find it very noisy because of the festivals and loud cheering which happens almost every night. Vineet was very comfortable and the language barrier was not an issue as everyone talks Maltese and English. He enjoyed every moment that Malta had to offer.

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msc bellssima

If you want to enjoy an island that has everything from churches to the ocean, festivals to nightlife, then Malta is your golden ticket.

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