Cinque Terre Most Beautiful 5 Villages in the World

by vineet pal
Cinque Terre Most Beautiful 5 Villages in the World

Cinque Terre in Italy. Five most famous and delightful villages. The building is colorful in this village, and next to the ocean makes it more beautiful. If you’re planning for Pisa, then you ought to visit Cinque Terre. It’s between Pisa and Genoa. It’s a must-visit place in Italy and will be in your bucket list!

This place was unknown to me when I first heard. We used to go with the cruise ship to Livorno, a port in Italy. We had one excursion getting to this place, but minimal seats as big buses are not allowed to go to these villages. Long story short, One of my friends told me about this place. I checked the area on the Pinterest instant I fall crazy about the area. I got the prospect to go to the site.

Colorful buildings

I will go again soon to the place, but this point not with a cruise liner. With cruise liner, you’ve got limited time to roam around and experience the site. I would like to remain within the village and share the sweetness for 3-4 days.



If you think that that Cinque Terre is simply the name of 1 place? My friend, you are wrong because Cinque Terre made from five little villages.
Villages names are

I will suggest you go to all five villages. All the towns are beautiful and with fantastic sea views. Most important is that these villages are famous for Instagram. You’ll see tons of posts of this place infamous Instagram travel profiles. 



All the villages are always full of tourists. It is still busying because of Instagram. I can just tell you to visit from April until November. If you can wait a bit then go in July or August, It will be not that busy at this time. It’s an overpriced place because of the tourist coming to this place.


hoiday fun

I told you already that I was with an excursion with my cruise liner. You’re coming with cruise liner then, I will be able to suggest you ask the scouts within the ship about the tour for Cinque Terre. Due to Pisa, this excursion is not that famous and also due to limited seats as big buses are not allowed to go to the place. 32 Persons were allowed to hitch this tour. If you would like to travel your own, then trains are a very valid option as you pay €4 for a single journey. There’s also a Cinque Terre Train card. Then you are doing not need to pay €4.


aerial view Cinque Terre

oceanboat Cinque Terre

If you’re coming from outside of Italy, then the nearest airports are Pisa, Rome, Florence, and Genoa. You’ll choose which place you would like to fly because all the spots are famous. You’ll get a train from La Spezia and Levanto which connect all the villages.

Street Cinque Terre


I was lucky that I stayed in a cruise liner. What I saw in this place is there are not many Hotels. If you even find one, it’ll be very expansive as this place is overcrowded all the time. I will be able to suggest you remain outside of the villages.  You can travel by train anyway. La Spezia is going to be an honest option to check the hotels at La Spezia. Trains are frequently during this place, so it’ll be no problem.

Stairs Cinque Terre

holiday palm treebeautiful landscape wallpaper 4kflowers Cinque Terre


Are you planning to visit? I will suggest you go with a 360 camera.

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