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Alexander Bode and I met in my travel journey. Alex is Activity Guide in AIDA Cruises. You travel the world and get the chance to be in the town with Bikes. I am delighted that I met him. Alexander Bode and I talked a lot about travel and Life. I am glad that I got a chance to get his travel experience for my website.

Tell me about your Travel Journey.

I worked as a Biking Guide for AIDA Cruises in May 2019 until end of April 2020. In this fantastic time, I travelled 9 or 10 different countries and two different continents.
But my best travel journey and my most remarkable experience began Jan. 2015.

I bought an oneway ticket and booked three nights in a Hostel in Perth (Western Australia).
Honestly, to this time I gave myself six months to travel in Australia, six months became four years. In these four years, I have travelled almost all over Australia, been to Nepal for mounting to Mount Everest and also travelled in Indonesia (best street food ever, in my opinion).

I met incredibly great people, had magical moments surrounded by mother nature and the best of it, I learned so much about myself.

Now I would say the journey has just started, and I am looking forward to the next miracles that are waiting for me.

 ALEXANDER with mountain

Your Country?

Germany ALEXANDER BODE Biking 

Alexander Five Things you can suggest people do in travelling? 

First Point

If you on a certain point in your life, where many things don’t work for you. Then I would suggest starting to travel by yourself. You don’t have to satisfy anyone with your decisions or bear the responsibility towards someone other than yourself. mountains in germany In other words, by only having the choice, you can travel on your terms and conditions. Your Life your choice! As soon as you start believing that all good things happen for you.

Your travelling will open up a whole new world for you, and the journey becomes more colourful und liveable with all the good and bad things through the experience. trekking in everest

Second Point

That leads me to a second suggestion. Make a rough plan and let the rest happen naturally. Usually plans never work the way you planned. Soon you will get upset, and you get doubts about the whole thing. So don’t make big plans just enough for a few days or a week, that will give you enough time for another step, but also you will be flexible in your decisions.  ALEXANDER with mountain

Third Point

The third thing I would suggest for you, try to be as possible independent. That means, purchase any kind of vehicle so you can move when and wherever you want. This feeling of freedom gives you such a power to do anything you want or always wanted to do. But it also can be overwhelming sometimes. bike in mountains You will be laughing, you will have in-depth conversations with yourself, you will maybe cry, and you will have so much fun. So let all that happen and let the emotions free through your vulnerability.Travel is love

Forth Point

You will find your inner strength, and this is where the actual journey begins. You’re getting aware of beauty, simplicity, and frugality. You simply see and feel things from inside to outside and start to create your new outside world with love and joy.lake with mountain

Fifth Point

Last but not least, Depending on the way you want to travel in terms of financial situation. You will have to ask yourself, I’m more creative and let see what happens person or I prefer secure and mostly financial freedom to travel. So simple ist that.

ALEXANDER BODEAlexander, Please tell us your bucket list places? 

  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Fiji (Hawaiian island with parks & beaches)
  • Japan
  • Skandinavia
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Philippines

desert safari

What was the best food you had on your travel?

Cuckoo Callay, 324 A King St, Newtown NSW, 2042 Australia

Alexander How Many Countries have you been?

hiking with alex

Alexander, What was the best Travel Memory for you? 

 The way to Mount Everest

What was the most exciting place you have ever visited?

 boys in everest 

Alexander Anything else you want to share with us? 

Find your inner strength, grow your personality, and build financial freedom. So we can start serving the world and give back! Namaste
 ALEXANDER BODE beach mood

 Where can we find you, Alexander?

Alexander Bode on Instagram Have a look at more stories from other Travellers !!!


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