Discover The Amazing Ålesund Norway in a Day

by vineet pal
Discover The Amazing Ålesund in a Day

Amazing Ålesund is our topic today and if you are about to travel or planning to travel soon here are my tips for you.

The beauty of Norway is nature and the fantastic fjords, breathtaking coastline and the towns are so beautiful, and you want to live and never leave the place. I have been to a lot of towns in Norway and today I want to share my experience of Ålesund, and I don’t know where to start.

Have you meet me & heard all about Ålesund in Norway. I love to roam around the place and wonder about how this place can be so beautiful. All about the city is beautiful, and you can’t get enough. You can walk around, and at the same time you hike a bit, and from the top of the place, you can watch the whole city.
The best thing to choose Ålesund for your destination is Geiranger Fjord, and Trollstigen is nearby so you can experience more of Beautiful Norway.
I was travelling on Cruise Ship, but I asked a lot of locals as I wanted to travel my own one time so I can tell you that hotels are expansive in this beautiful town and you can search for Airbnb. You can rent a car to explore the city. You will love to explore the place.

Fjellstua in Amazing Ålesund

Things to Do in Ålesund Norway

Walkthrough downtown in amazing Ålesund Norway

Ålesund is a coastal town that how I got a chance to visit Ålesund. The city is famous for its beautiful architecture and colourful building. The fact what locals told me socked me that in 1904 the city was destroyed by fire and they completed rebuilt the town.
You can roam around the city and wonder about all the colourful building and waterway inside the town which makes it more beautiful.


downtown in Amazing Ålesund

Hiking Fjellstua for a panorama view over Ålesund

The most important thing to do in Amazing Ålesund is to do a little hiking in Fjellstua. You can see the city from Fjellstua. You have to take 418 steps to reach the top, and it goes from the city park, and the park looks lovely. When you take 418 steps, you will see the view of your life.

amazing view of Fjellstua

Local Food of Ålesund

Ålesund is a fishing harbour like Bergen! I tried the fish, and I can tell you it’s fresh but expensive. Norway is always a bit cold for me, so something hot in the Ålesund will give you a very nice feeling as it always does for me.

Don’t forget the Atlantic Sea Park in Amazing Ålesund. 

The Atlantic Sea Park is one of the largest saltwater aquariums in Norway, and most of the tourist or travellers visit Atlantic Sea Park in Amazing Ålesund.

I don’t have any photo from the place, but you can find Penguins, halibut, salmon and conger. Atlantic sea park is in a coastline. 

If you want to go, then it is 3.5km from Ålesund on the west side. Atlantic sea park is a scenic area, and you can see the coastal islands and the ocean.

If you want to enjoy the time, then you can do fishing here, and also you can enjoy the beaches. 

Ålesund Museum for History and Culture

If you are curious like me about the history and culture of Ålesund, then you must visit the museum. I am a seafarer, and I loved the museum, and if you are wondering about the fire in 1904, then you should see the museum to learn more about history.

Visiting the museum can tell you all about the fire which destroyed the city and how they reconstructed the city. Ålesund is famous for Norwegian architectural history.

coastline in norway

Take a tour to Fjords from Amazing Ålesund.

Ålesund is near to impressive fjords, and you can visit the famous Hjørundfjord. The view is very beautiful that you would love to be here and you can drive around with beautiful nature view.

You can also take a boat journey, and it will amaze you more! I asked some locals, and they told me it takes around four and a half hour to reach Hjørundfjord and they prefer a boat trip more than other options.

Fjord trip

Midnight Sun in Amazing Ålesund

Yes, You can experience the whole sun night, and I was lucky to be that time of the year to see the sun also 12 in the night. I was watching sunset 12 in the night, and then it stays there the whole night like its time for evening, but it never goes down.

Honestly saying that this experience is very different and you get confused with the time because after 7 or 8 you are used to night time with the moon, and when you see 10 in the night and feel like 4 in the afternoon, your mind doesn’t expect it.

ocean view of alesund

Here are tips of Alesund city for you guys and I hope you enjoyed my youtube video and blog. Please follow me in Instagram and Facebook also you can subscribe my youtube for travel videos.

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amazing norway

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