Hello there! I am happy that you want to know more about my journey and my blog. I want to say thanks for being here.

I’m Vineet, and I am a travel and portrait photographer from India who is trying to write his travel and life stories in these blogs. I studied animation in Indore, India. At that time, I got to know a bit about photography. I was so interested in photography that I decided to learn from professional photographers and ended up at Udaan School Of Photography. I studied commercial photography then I started working in Bollywood as a photographer. Ah! Those were some precious memories.

Then one fine day something clicked inside me which made me realize that I am young and should travel the world and explore places! Thus, I left the glimmering lights of Bollywood and packed my bags for an adventure of my lifetime. I made my career by joining a cruise ship on which I work as a photographer since 2016.

I went to over 48 countries. I took white water rafting along a river in Costa Rica. I had an authentic pizza in Italy, spent a surprisingly chilly night in the desert of Dubai, snorkeled at Barbados Caribbean, visited the ever crooked leaning tower of Pisa, explored Vatican city, roamed Rome, been to the lost city of Petra, spent heavenly days in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Hongkong, Singapore, Maldives, Norway and many more. Nothing you have to put up with onboard matters compared to that.

I started this blog to share my experiences with a loving audience. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram.

General Information
All the photos are Copyrighted to Vineet pal and may not be used in any form, website, or print media without the photographer’s written permission. For any Enquiry for the photographs, please contact

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