Nine Awesome Things to do in POKHARA Nepal

by vineet pal
Nine Awesome Things to do in POKHARA Nepal

Pokhara in Nepal was one of my Bucket List places. I spent a day in the area and left a part of my heart in the area. It was in 2013. When I was in Maha Kumbh Mela in India, and Nepal Border was only 250 km from Allahabad. I packed my bags and took a journey to Nepal, and it was my first foreign country tour.

Are you tired of busy places, then you can join Pokhara? Pokhara is a calm place with nature and surrounded by a lot of mountains, Basically a perfect place for tracking people. Will it give you a full traveler vibe? Indian reader what to start traveling, then Pokhara will be a nice start. This trip is pocket friendly, and you don’t have to worry about money while you are traveling, and you don’t need a visa for Nepal.

I have been to Pokhara because of beauty. A traveler visits the place for trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Annapurna Circuit Trekking is very interesting for travelers. I would like to inform you that it will take 15-25 days.

While I planned for this trip, everyone was talking about The Annapurna Mountains, I wanted to visit this city for relaxing, and I was not interested in tracking this time. You can just simply visit the lakeside to see beauty. Pokhara, you can trade everything with Nepalese Rupees (Local Currency) or with US Dollars, and they also accept Indian Rupees as a lot of travelers come from India.


How I reach Pokhara

I was in Allahabad for Maha Kumbh Mela. I traveled by train to Gorakhpur from Allahabad, and from Gorakhpur Railway Station, you can take any bus for the India-Nepal border. I Choose this way because it was more fun in this way. I reached the India Nepal Border then I booked a bus ticket for Pokhara.

Our bus was at night. We reached Pokhara in the morning. One of the points here is that it was my first travel to a Foreign country, so it was not well prepared. I had an SBI Debit card, and the problem was that in Nepal, my ATM was not working at all. Be ready for this kind of thing if this is your first trip.

Trains are not in Nepal because of the mountains all over the country, so you have few options. You can take a public transport bus, and it will help you reach Pokhara, but I will suggest you choose a nice bus as these roads are very odd-even, and it will give you a feeling like a rough sea. You can also book a private taxi to travel to the city.

Chitwan, Lumbini, and Kathmandu are the places you can take a bus for Pokhara. You are coming from another country, then Kathmandu has an International airport. The only International Airport in Nepal. I saw a small airport in Pokhara but if you are backpacking it will cost you more then you plan.


I would suggest you go lakeside early in the morning. You will see a lot of colorful boats with mountains in the background. I witness one of the most beautiful views I saw in my life. You are already Planning a Nepal trip, then Pokhara can be the place where you can relax in your travel journey.
I am sure that you saw a lot of views in your life but when you visit Phewa Lake, take a boat and reach the center of the river you will be amazed by the scenery of your life. It feels so calm, and you can look one side Annapurna range with snow in the top and other sidehills.

landscape Nepal

2. Annapurna range

Annapurna range is the biggest attraction in Pokhara because it is an 8,000-metre high mountain range, the weather is clear, you can view the beauty of this mountain from every part of the town.
Local people were amiable, and it is not a costly place to roam around; also, the restaurants are pretty lovely. You can have some local food while looking towards the mountain like I did.

Mountains Nepal


Start your day from Sarangkot viewpoint as locals call in sunrise point. The view is breathtaking because you can see the sunlight touch the 8,000m high mountain peak.
You can view the Annapurna range better from this place as you can see the beauty of the mountain from a distance, it feels like mountains are very near.


Are you a photographer? I will suggest you bring a tripod with you as you can witness to a beautiful panoramic view which you can capture in your frame. It was morning and very cold, I bought one tea from the stall which gave me the best feeling, and I was a bit warm from inside.


The plus point about Pokhara is that you can relax and view the mountains and you are looking for an adventure on your trip you can go for Paraglide and enjoy the best Paraglide of your life.
If you think about safety, then don’t think much about it because they have a safe take-off and landing zone with a fantastic view.
You have to go to Sarangkot to fly, and there are three times a day you can join the adventure.

5. Lunch at the Restaurant 

While traveling, I didn’t have anyone to tell where to go. I was just looking for a restaurant where I can eat. I got the chance to find the best place for eating Top Roof Restaurant, Located in the hills next to the mountain. Top Roof restaurant was a fantastic experience. The food was lovely, and the crew was friendly.


You are planing for tracking in Pokhara. What will be an excellent way to end the evening then massage. There are a lot of massage centers around the city. Choose whichever feels fine. I heard all the massage centers are good. After the Annapurna circuit hike, I think massage will be perfect for relaxing your body. You can get rid of all the pains in your legs or back.

7. World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) in Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda also is known as Shanti Stupa Located in the hill, and The breeze is touching your face, which is coming from the mountains. It feels so calm.

You are planning to relax. Pokhara is the right place as you will find inner peace for sure, and the view will also give your great perspective. It will take a 30 to 40-minute hike to reach the pagoda. You are not in the mood of hiking. You can go by taxi also.

World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa)


8. TRY LOCAL DISHES in Pokhara

Food is an important topic when we travel. There is a lot of cafe around the city as this is one of the famous towns for hiking. You can have a chance to taste the local food. Please use this time to taste the fantastic local food. I heard the fish dishes are the right choice. You can also eat buffalo meat.

I choose vegetarian food as that was pretty tasty, and I saw the similarity between Indian and Nepali food. I also heard about Pokhara curry from one Dai (Dai means big brother in Nepali). Pokhara curry prepared with the fish from the local lake. Pokhara curry sounds delicious as you can’t find this dish anywhere else, you want to make your travel more memorable then try this dish.

You can also try Momo, or many people know as steamed dumplings. You do not have to search for Momo. You can find it in every corner of the city. My hometown in India also has momo shops, and Nepali people manage all the shops of Momo, so it was not surprising to see this many momo shops in Pokhara.

9. Local Nepali souvenirs in Pokhara

While roaming in the city, I found a lot of local souvenir shops with a lot of local things. I saw a lot of things made out of Yak Bones, and I bought one. Shivaling made out of Yak bones.

I also found chess built with Yak bones.
They also make a lot of cotton things. A lot of local stone jewelry, cool-looking pillow covers with Nepali design. Pashminas, which is very famous and expansive (be aware I heard about fake items also), Yak bone sculptures, and many more things!

If you are thinking about buying a gift for your loved ones, then you should buy from a local shop to help where it’s most needed.

You can also try 360 photos in Pokhara. It will be breathtaking.

9 Things to do in Pokhara Nepal


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