360 photos my new love – NOMADVINEET

by vineet pal
360 photos my new love - NOMADVINEET

360° photos my new love for sure. Have you ever wondered how people photograph 360° photos? It looks so crazy awesome, Right? So why not do it yourself? You need one 360 Cameras for 360 photos or videos, and that’s it. There are tones of cameras are out there nowadays, so it’s tough to choose which one you should buy. I just love to shoot 360° photos all the time.

Gopro & Insta360 one X are two major choice in the market.

Insta360 or Gopro Max for 360 photos or videos?

insta 360 one x and gopro max

What is the first question that comes to mind when you want a camera? Which one should I buy?

I can only tell you one thing that depends on your choice of what you want. Both cameras are nice, and for me, use Insta360 one X. I love the invisible stick, and also bullet shot in Insta360 One X. The best part is you get some awesome videos and even photos.

Just take your camera out and start shooting, and do not worry about how you can click an excellent picture. I will tell you one secret that the more you click, the more you learn that it. You will learn with every single shot. If you stuck and did not know what to click, then Pinterest is here to help you. Just write whatever you want, and it will provide you, or I can say, feed you with inspiration for sure!

Be sure to try everything possible because when I got this camera first, I was not aware of what will I get, but then I just tried. I also failed so many times, but every time I learn a lot for next time, and now I can say that whenever I need to use this camera, I will be ready to shoot awesome stuff !!!

So if you already have one 360 camera, Click some awesome 360 photos and mail me or DM me on Instagram or Use the hashtag #travelwithvineet #nomadicvineet and I would love to see the results.

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