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by Sanika Bane

When the world seems a little capitalist, our friend and travel host Vineet always knocks on the doors of beautiful Tallinn. Estonia’s city capital Tallinn has all the rights to be the capital because of its rich culture, heritage, and roots. This picturesque city is the cultural hub of Estonia. There is no place in Tallinn that isn’t soothing and kitschy to look at. Cobblestone pavements and ancient buildings that are still proudly erect says a lot about its ancient architectural history.

old town gate tallinn

Below are 10 soulful things you can do in Tallinn :

 1. Exploring the Old town:

This UNESCO world heritage site is all a traveler can wish for. The old town is located in the heart of Tallinn city and truly is the heart of the city. Various capital cities in Europe have lost touch with their roots but Tallinn has managed to preserve its Hanseatic heritage. There are many places to visit in the old town that Vineet is raving about! And we surely will get to them as we proceed. In the meanwhile don’t forget to add simply admiring Old town by a walk on your list.

old town

2. Toompea castle :

This castle has been revamped hundreds of times, but the basic shape always gets retained. We can see a pink palace from the front side but the opposite side looks very traditional and medieval. Every morning at sunrise the flag of Estonia gets raised above the tower to the tune of the national anthem.

toompea castle tallinn

3. Booze cruise:

“Coming to Tallinn and not drinking craft beer? What’s wrong with you,” says Vineet who loves having his daily dose of artisanal beer. Two bars that Vineet suggests are:

Pogru brasserie: This huge bar that looks like a cave is a little sanctuary for beer lovers. Located in the old town of Tallinn this bar has a lot to offer. Funnily, ‘porgu’ means hell in Estonia but this place is the opposite of hell. They even offer a full food menu so you can eat as much as you like while drinking your hops!

Humalakoda: If you want to get spoilt for choices, then Humalakoda is the place to visit. Wide variety of beers, good food, great terrace view. They serve Muhu bread with their daily offers that no one should miss.

4. Creative city:

Telliskivi Creative City is a place that combines industry and creativity. This place looks modern and very artist-friendly. This open culture space invites people to come and spend some time among the restaurants, companies, shops, and even co-working spaces.Vineet can imagine himself someday working in those hip co-working spaces!

5. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:

This breathtaking Cathedral is a little modern than its counterpart structure buddies but its beauty makes you forget everything. Photography is not allowed inside this stunning cathedral which should encourage people to visit this place in real life. Don’t forget to admire the mosaic and icons inside.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Novosibirsk

6. Olaf Church:

This tall church building was Europe’s tallest building from 1549 to 1625. The church got its name from the king of Norwegia, Olav Havaldsson. Entry is free and services are held on Sundays at 10am and 12am.

Olaf Church

7. Tallinn art hall :

This artistic place is a rich contemporary art gallery that works with artists of good stature. They even give artist residence programs to artists and students practicing art. In addition to concerts, Tallinn art hall arranges talks, shows, and exhibitions of different art and artists. Visiting Tallinn art hall is a must if you are an art lover like Vineet.

8. Thrift stores:

Who doesn’t love to get on a journey to find out the most amazing thrift finds from a rack full of old pre-loved items? So Vineet took the matters into his hands to find few great stores that keep vintage thrifted items.

Fankadelik vintage shop: This is a bit pricey version of a normal thrift shop but once you enter, you will find yourself drowning with amazing pieces especially coats, shoes, and vintage charms.

Annimari vintage: Come here for the aesthetics but stay for the artistically curated art pieces and clothes. Little knick-knacks like lamps, tea sets are waiting for you to take them home.

9. Nightlife:

The amount of bars and nightlife places cramped in Tallinn is very high as compared to any city of its size. Experience life-like true Estonians by partying out loud. There are a number of pubs you can visit but below are Vineet’s top picks:

Sessel Speakeasy bar, Mad murphy, and Bunker. The bunker is hidden in a hill next to Fat Margeret’s tower.

10. Chomp down the food:

Vineet feels there is no restaurant or café in the town that is bad. You enter any restaurant, your tastebuds are guaranteed to feel satisfied. Vineet goes a little out of the European food and finds a little eatery that serves Ramen. Since Ramen is Vineets soul food he makes sure to taste it everywhere he can.

It is called Jo’s Ramen, don’t forget to say hello to Jo when you visit there.

jo ramen

There you have it guys, a little piece of article that tells you everything you can do in Tallinn. Specially curated by Vineet’s taste and choices, this piece will serve you enough to enjoy basic as well as Indie things to do in Tallinn like thrift shopping.

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Visit this place for your love of architecture and culture. The sleeping accommodation is also very cheap according to the rates. One can either find a basic hostel if they are backpacking or can spend some money for a decent hotel. If you want to indulge yourself or treat yourself then go ahead book a luxurious room because Tallinn offers that as well.

Since Vineet’s stay was on a ship he stayed there and explored Tallinn from there. We are sure he has some interesting stories to share about his boat that we will get into one day. Till then keep exploring and living life like a kid, happy and free!

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